What is the aim of this portal?

This portal seeks to responds a need expressed by individuals, both policy makers and researchers, to give an overview of different organisations that represent researchers in Europe and to explain their role in policy making. It presents:

  • grass-roots organisations in the sense of bodies that represent researchers rather than institutions and that are, in most cases, governed by active researchers. Therefore, we do not present university associations, funding agencies, research institutes, etc.
  • organisations at European level. At this stage, we do not cover regional or national associations, or organisations that cover only part of Europe (e.g. Nordic countries or Central Europe) or operate at a global level.

The order of the listings does not imply any judgment on importance, number of membership or activity of the different organisations. Content and presentation, as it is at present, should be considered as work in progress. We welcome your ideas for improvement and further development.

For the first version, we followed a pragmatic approach to make content available as soon as possible. The content of this portal been prepared by the Initiative for Science in Europe , Meyerhofstr 1, 69117 Heidelberg, ise at i-se.org.

We would be happy if this portal could stimulate additional exchange between the listed organisations which could lead to an extended version of this portal.

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