What is the difference between “Euroscience”, “Initiative for Science in Europe” and “Science Europe”?

  • Euroscience, founded in 1997, is a European grassroots association open not only to researchers in academia and industry but also to science journalists, teachers, policy makers, and other citizens that are interested in science. The governing board of Euroscience is elected by the individual members of Euroscience by means of online voting. Euroscience is most known as the organizer of the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF), the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe biannualy taking place in different European cities.
  • The Initiative for Science in Europe is an umbrella platform founded in the mid-2000 to join forces and bring together the voices of European learned societies and grassroots organisations and advocate the creation of the European Research Council. In 2012/13, a similar campaign has been launched to support research investment in the EU budget framework negotiations, involving over 153’000 researchers. Euroscience has been involved of the Initiative for Science in Europe since its beginning and is a full member.
  • More recently, in 2010, Science Europe was founded as a European umbrella organisation of the major national research funding organisations and large national research performing organisations. Members include, for example, the research councils in the UK, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), and the CNRS.In contrast to Euroscience and ISE, Science Europe can be considered as an institutional stakeholder because it does not represent individual researchers. However, the work of Science Europe benefits from the advice from its scientific committees composed of scientists that have been nominated by the national research funding and performing organisations.

Common with all three organisations is a wide interpretation of the word “science”, including social sciences and humanities.

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